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Kid Buxx aims to be your partner in educating our Youth about the basics of money matters to CRYTPO CURRENCy, the blockchain & MORE

Kid Buxx was founded by 2 mothers from Mountain View, CA

Founded by Two Mothers.png
While they are business women, they are also mothers who value the importance of being active with their kids and choose for a fun & youthful approach.
Let's face it, Accounting or Finance isn't traditionally exciting but our approach will keep them engaged in learning.
Kid Buxx iStock-1153657433.jpg

Our Story

.Jennifer & Michelle grew up in the melting pot of culture & high technology;the Bay Area. (learn more)

Meet The Team


Kid Bux | The Buxx
PO Box 212984
[Eastlake] Chula Vista, CA 91921

TEL: 619-253-4145 FAX 619-872-4300

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