Budgets Overview Part 4 * REVIEW *


So we know a budget is a plan to save, track, and improve your money situation.


It also helps you stay on course with your goals by controlling your spending and saving & investing a portion of your income.

Select all the INCOME below (you'll use the dollar amounts later)
Select all the EXPENSES below (you'll use the dollar amounts later)



The goal is to....what?

Stick to your spending plan (aka budget) so

you have money left over to put in Savings or Invest.

If you stick to your budget, you will have $11,090 available to save or invest.


Let's say you decided to spend $20,000 on a watch instead of the $200 you budgeted for, you will not have enough money left over.

Again, thank you for all your hard work. It will take practice.

You should be proud of yourself. Good job !