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We introduce the Youth & Young Adults to Financial Literacy

Kid Buxx is where Financial Literacy meets Modern Technology without
"The Boring"

With all the new investing apps, it’s not uncommon to learn about teenagers taking control of their wealth and investing in stocks, crypto, start-ups and even retirement.  There are several apps that do not require age minimums, and encourage younger folks to dip their toes in the stock market pool.  These days, the world of crypto, blockchain and NFT’s are all the buzz. 

In addition, there a quite a few new companies that offer the average person to act as a venture capitalist and invest in up-and coming businesses, and this is what Kid Buxx wants to promote. 

We need to understand that the world is steadily changing, and our approach to taking control of our finances has changed as well.Its’ our goal to be the go-to site when your family needs to become fiscally literate. 

Our Mission is to introduce Financial Literacy to households across America.

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