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Cyber Security Specialist & Programer

As a resident of the Bay Area and High Tech culture, paired with their passion for developing applications, Imani creates & delivers well thought out ideas & applications for our creative tools & technology department.


Imani comes to us with high accolades.

As a (2) time Speech & Debate Stanford Invitational finalist and NASA Hackathon Space Aps Challenger Imani has the proven ability to produce swiftly and with precision.


Imani utilizes their skill set to teach kids how to code video games in the Mission District in  San Francisco.


Additionally Imani was an instructor for "Mathnasium" and was part of the IT Team for Mills College.


Imani is well versed in mathematics & technology.

Serving on Boards as Treasurer for various organizations is a contributing factor and an added value when developing tools.


In Imani's free time, they like to read & hike (and code) !


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