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While they are business women, they are also mothers who value the importance of being active with their kids and choose for a fun & youthful approach.

Jennifer & Michelle grew up in the melting pot of culture & high technology;
the Bay Area. 


They played in the fields that were once filled with dirt and old tires which are now occupied by
Google and likes of Facebook & Apple.

  They did not gain the necessary financial tools to thrive fiscally until their mid 20's. They had to learn in real time and fail time & time again before they finally understood even just the basics of money management. 

Fast-forward, 30+ years later, thriving in the field of Accounting, 
Real Estate & IPO Start Ups they've been able to pass these skillsets on to their kids.

It’s no secret that financial literacy is not taught in most schools.  It’s also no secret that most adults are not financially saavy, thus, not able to pass on valuable skills to their dependents.  Gone are the days of only older, wealthier people understanding what financial literacy means for their lives.  

They understand that financial skills are a must, and since most of society learn when they're thrown in the fire, we must spread the knowledge globally to build a financially strong world.

We use fun & interactive tools and age appropriate programs for engagement

is Kid Buxx

is Kid Buxx

Kid Buxx

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