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Kid Buxx aims to be your partner in educating our Youth about basic money matters purposely designed with kids in mind.

What sets us apart:

This will include crypto currency & the Blockchain  for those interested.

  • Our focus is to help build BUDGETING & INVESTMENT gurus (we already know how to spend)

  • We incorporate modern technology

  • Our program is not your traditional classroom setting (some would say that's boring). 


Your Kid Buxx journey has been purposely designed
to be meaningful and fun.

This is possible because our team is not only professionals in finance, the blockchain & crypto currency, we have dedicated countless hours serving our communities with the primary core being our youth. 

Leadership Team

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2 mothers from Mountain View, CA


25+ years in Accounting

25+ years in Investment, Corporate Real Estate & Trust Asset Management

Our Amazing Team

Brian picture_edited.png

10+ years in Stock Trade

30+ years in software development

Isaiah picture_edited.png
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10+ years in Youth Education

Associate Members

Cyber Security Specialist | Programmer

Investment Banking Analyst

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Kid Bux | The Buxx
PO Box 212984
[Eastlake] Chula Vista, CA 91921

TEL: 619-253-4145 FAX 619-872-4300

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