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Director of Marketing 

Traevion is an East Palo Alto, CA resident who has worked several years in the Mountain View Whisman School District as an Instructional Assistant helping students with individual education plans, as well as students with mild to severe autism, ADHD/ADD, and down syndrome. 
She motivates students to go above & beyond.
Her awareness of the students allow her to redirect their attention when there's a deficit, provide encouragement which allows them to focus academically and promote critical thinking. She is skilled in observing students for unusual behavior during instruction.

Traevion utilizes her direct "teacher to student" experience to help build & shape the development of our Product & Services, allowing us to better serve our community.  
She has paired her dedication to educating our Youth with her passion for Marketing.
Traevion stays connected with the Youth's needs, makes use of CRM's & various Social Media tools to market Product & Services.

We are honored to have such a dedicated mentor leading our Marketing department. 


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