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August 30, 2023 

Leilah Rhedrick
391 Lemire Court
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Hello Leilah,

You have been selected to join our team as an Ambassador & Beta Tester for Kid Buxx !

As an Ambassador you will represent the brand and learn about Finance & Money.
As a Beta Tester, you will join other Ambassadors as far as London and France. You will have the opportunity to earn money and/or Kid Buxx credit by completing assignments and sharing your feedback & ideas.

Enclosed you will find your Contract & W-4 if you accept this job as an Ambassador & Beta Tester. You have the option to file these forms online. Your requested work hours are 30 minutes - up to 1 hour a week @ $12/hour (see "Beta Tester Pay" detail). A timecard must be filled out and turned in for pay. 

To begin your journey please log in to: and follow the instructions below:


1. Select "Learn More"

front page.png
Welcome Letter - Instruction 3.jpg

3. Select Your Name

2. Select "Ambassadors & Beta Testers"


4. Enter your secret passcode:

Keep this passcode in a safe place.



There's one thing to remember; HAVE FUN !

Thank you,

The Kid Buxx Team

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